Spanish translation: Journey to the Centre of Google Earth

Simon Sellars News

Spanish magazine Altaïr has translated my essay ‘Journey to the Centre of Google Earth’ in their book, Cartographies, which is all about maps, or, to be more precise: “Virtual, spooky, cosmic, maritime, literary, photographic maps; agoraphobic, religious, megalomaniac maps; divided, natural, cut & paste maps”:…/13-cartografias-altair-magazine_177…

My essay is about the metaphysics of Google Earth, and was originally commissioned in 2014 by Anne Hilde Neset for the catalogue that accompanied Oslo’s ‘Only Connect: J.G. Ballard’ festival. Here’s the English version:….

It’s great to see this piece of mine come alive again. In fact, it’s already had an interesting life. I did a Twitter thread about it here: