New short story: ‘Sentient Glitchglot Cheater Infection’

Simon Sellars News

Dear friends, I’ve had a new short story published. Presented as a research paper from a ghost hunter of the future, it’s set in a world of full-bleed augmented reality & explores a new occultism: haunted AR, digital ghosts, trickster AI. Hope you like it.

Keywords: Vexworld, spamglots, glitchglots, assisted telepathy, unassisted telepathy, cheater infection, ocular terrorism, EVP, history, outcome, treatment, novel therapies, further review

This story provides the background & world-building for my novel-in-progress, set in the same universe but written in a totally different style (1st person, highly subjective, unreliable narrator etc). I hope to finish that within the next few months (pandemic notwithstanding).

Below is the video intro to the work. I made it for the launch of the volume my text appeared in. Here, I outline the genesis of the occult themes in the text: a series of unsettling interactions I experienced with Twitter spambots in 2016.