Ljubljana: A Secret History of Zones

Simon Sellars News

Tonight, at Fabula Fest in Ljubljana, I’m presenting A Secret History of Zones. If you’re around in this beautiful city, I hope we can meet!

Part 1: Deviant Zones: Crash & autogeddon
Part 2: Ruined Zones: bunker logic
Part 3: Transitional Zones: micronations
Part 4: Accidental Zones: hypercapitalist grey zones
Part 5: Reviled Zones: edgelands
Part 6: Dystopian Zones: SF film
Part 7: Soft Zones: CCTV
Part 8: Alien Zones: UFOlogy as our future past

My esteemed co-panelists are Keller Easterling & Elvia Wilk. Chaired by the magnificent Marko Bauer!

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