These are some of the more significant projects I’ve developed as an editor:

  • Extreme Metaphors: Interviews with J.G. Ballard 1967-2008 (Fourth Estate, 2012). I conceived and co-edited this volume, which was honoured as a Guardian Book of the Year and 3AM Non-Fiction Book of the year in 2012.
  • Architectural Review Asia Pacific (2011-12). I edited seven issues of AR, one of Australia’s foremost architecture magazines. Formerly Architectural Review Australia, I rebranded and relaunched it to focus on the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Ballardian (2005-present day). I edit and publish this popular and influential website detailing the cultural influence of J.G. Ballard. I’m developing a full history of Ballardian to be published (hopefully) soon.
  • Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe (2011). I edited this volume of essays with Andrew Milner and Verity Burgmann. Changing the Climate explores nature and environment, power and society, narrative and image in ecology, ecocriticism, science and speculative fiction, film and contemporary art. It features a chapter by renowned SF author Kim Stanley Robinson.
  • Demanding the Impossible: Utopia and Dystopia (2008). With Andrew Milner and Matthew Ryan, I co-edited this volume of academic essays. Demanding the Impossible explores representations of utopia and dystopia in Australian history, environmental crisis and ethics, Christian socialism, science fiction and the work of Cormac McCarthy and China Mieville.
  • Subterrain (2005-06). Backed by a City of Melbourne arts grant, and supported by the Ozanam Community Centre, I developed this magazine to document the lives of Melbourne’s disenfranchised and homeless communities. Many of the contributions were from people in such communities, who’d attended writing classes run by myself at Ozanam.
  • Sleepy Brain (2002-04). I edited and published this online cultural magazine, possibly the first of its kind to document Melbourne’s independent arts scene. Sleepy Brain has been archived by the National Library of Australia as an “online publication of national significance”.