ABOVE: Presenting ‘In Defence of the Virtual: A Secret History of Ballardian Cinema’ at BL-NK, Shoreditch, London, May, 2014. Photo: Ben Austwick. 


ABOVE: Interviewing filmmaker Solveig Nordlund on stage as part of the festival, Only Connect: J.G. Ballard, held in Oslo, May 2014. Photo: Ole Dyrseth.


’Blood-Sport or Boosterism?’

In July 2012, I appeared on a panel for Refuel Victoria’s Monday Night Talks, responding to the topic ‘Blood-Sport or Boosterism?’. The aim of the panel, according to the organisers, was to ask:

“What’s the point of architecture criticism? What are its conventions and can we productively subvert them? Who speaks and writes about architecture and why? How might we broaden the conversation about architecture and what it means?”

Other speakers were Naomi Stead, Ian McDougall (Ashton Raggatt McDougall) and Tom Morgan (co-editor, Post magazine). The panel was chaired by architecture critic Justine Clark.

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SCAPE Biennial of Public Art


At the SCAPE Biennial of Public Art in Christchurch, I appeared on a panel that discussed the role of public art in regenerating the ruined city of Christchurch, after the devastating earthquake of February 2011.

I spoke about how architecture and urban theory, seen through the lens of utopian and dystopian futures, could help to visualise an imaginative, future Christchurch.

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Conference: Changing the Climate

“Affirmative architectural dystopias: experimental relations between humans and the built environment”

In 2010, Monash University held the conference Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe, which I co-convened with Professor Andrew Milner.

I gave a talk on J.G. Ballard’s critique of urban and architectural space in his writing.

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Under Construction Seminar Series

“Crashing the Car: Impossible Ballardian Adaptations “Crashing the Car: Impossible Ballardian Adaptations

As part of Adrian Martin’s Under Construction seminar series at Monash University, I presented on ‘Ballardian’ film adaptations.

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Myths of A Near Future

L-R: Sellars, Sterling, Vale, Costa. Photo by Martí Pons, courtesy CCCB 2008.

In 2008, I appeared in Barcelona on the panel ‘Myths of a Near Future’ alongside science fiction writer and futurist Bruce Sterling and underground publisher V. Vale. We discussed the work and cultural influence of J.G. Ballard.

The panel was held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) as part of the Kosmopolis 08 literary festival, and was chaired by critic Jordi Costa, the driving force behind the CCCB’s magnificent JG Ballard – Autopsy of the new millennium exhibition.

..:: Read a transcript of the discussion.