Design Conversations Episodes 3 and 4, Australian Design Review

Throwing Grenades from the Edge: Callum Morton and Alexander Knox (Design Conversations, Episode 3, 2012).

This is the first of two short films I made with Richard Raber for Australian Design Review (ADR). ADR is the online sister publication to Architectural Review Asia Pacific, the magazine I edited from 2011 to 2012.

This film brought artists Callum Morton and Alexander Knox together to talk freestyle about art, architecture and urban space.

I developed the concept and co-wrote the script with Richard.

Richard directed and I produced.

Unplanned Agency.

This is the second of my collaborations with Richard Raber.

It premiered in Architectural Review Asia Pacific’s iPad edition. Based on the writing of environmentalist and urbanist Marion Shoard, it explores the risks architects face if they ignore the enigma of urban edgelands.

I wrote and produced it. Richard directed and edited it.

Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT University

Landing Sites (2010).

This short film is based on the ‘reversible destiny’ theory of architects/conceptual artists Arakawa and Gins (RIP). I made it for a seminar I taught at the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT University.

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