‘The art of the pivot': RMIT’s 2014 Web Conference

Storey Hall. Photo: courtesy RMIT University. Originally published on RMIT Blog Central, 7┬áJuly 2014. This year RMIT hosted its second annual web conference at Storey Hall, the University’s iconic lecture theatre/conference centre. It was the perfect venue, with its harmonious blend of 19th-century structural strength and radical postmodern restoration. Remember, that new facade and interior […]



Lonely Planet Online: Haystack

For Lonely Planet’s new online accommodation-booking service, called Haystack, I was initially employed as a consultant. I was involved with developing the shape and structure of the project from an author’s point of view, and contributed to the structure of the templates that are used today for authors employed to wrote Haystack reviews. Later, I […]

Housing Is A Human Right: An Interview with Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur

interview by Simon Sellars ‘Housing Is A Human Right: An Interview with Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #2, July 2007. In August 2006, the PILCH Homeless Person’s Legal Clinic held a consumer forum for people who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness. The idea was to invite this […]

Music Is Not A Bloody Race

interview by Simon Sellars & Anna Krien ‘Music Is Not A Bloody Race’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #2, July 2007. There are two music groups for the benefit of clients at the Ozanam Community Centre. There’s one on Mondays, run by Alan Pavlikas, which is more of a rock-band affair, and one on […]

Whatever Goes into the Mix

interview by Simon Sellars ‘Whatever Goes into the Mix’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #2, July 2007. Alan Pavlikas manages the Ozanam Community Centre’s band, Shallow Rabbit, which has released one CD and has had a documentary made about it (see Subetrrain #1). intrigued, I crashed one of their jam sessions and collared Alan, […]

UFOpunk: Mac Tonnies’ Strange Blue World

Mac Tonnies is a Kansas-based writer of post-cyberpunk science fiction (recently published by the redoubtable Rudy Rucker). He’s also the author of the book After the Martian Apocalypse, a speculative search for life on the Red Planet, as well as the originator of a ‘cryptoterrestrial’ philosophy that ambitiously seeks to explain (with ‘balanced skepticism’) a […]

‘Magisterial, Precise, Unsettling': Simon Reynolds on the Ballard Connection

Simon Reynolds is one of the most recognisable music critics around — or at least his style is, not least for its willingness to tackle pop music as an art form worthy of sustained intellectual discourse rather than as a fleeting moment of adolescent flash. Reynolds breaks new ground, melding unbridled enthusiasm with a robust […]

‘The Stuff of Now': Toby Litt on J.G. Ballard

Interview by Gwyn Richards & Simon Sellars Originally published on ballardian.com, 2 May 2007. Toby Litt is an English novelist who published his first book, Adventures in Capitalism (a volume of short stories), in 1996, when he was 28. He’s since won praise for the dark inventiveness of his writing, a combination of cinematic prose, […]

Lonely Planet: More Netherlands

In May 2006 I returned to the Netherlands to update the Dutch chapters I’d previously written for the Europe On A Shoestring and Western Europe guidebooks. This time, I was also co-author of the Netherlands country guide with Neal Bedford: I wrote the Amsterdam, Zuid Holland & Zeeland, Overijssel & Gelderland, and Utrecht chapters. This […]