Sealand: On the Heap

Approaching Sealand. Photography by Simon Sellars. Originally published in The Australian, 10 November 2007. I THE room has no windows. It is dank, pitch-black and deathly still. I’ve lost all spatial co-ordinates. I hear a distant, dull hissing, like soil leaking through a coffin lid. Before the lights went out, I notice the ram’s skull […]

The Two of Us: Kevin Brophy and Allan Martin

Allan and Kevin. Photo courtesy Age newspaper. In 2006 SBS television produced a documentary series based on the Age newspaper’s ‘Two of Us’ column. I was very flattered that my contribution, below, was the only Melbourne story to be filmed. Interviews by Simon Sellars ‘The Two of Us: Kevin Brophy and Allan Martin’. Originally published […]

Life’s Journey: In Search of the Real Japan

The Claw Girl: photo by Beatka Provis by Simon Sellars ‘Life’s Journey: In Search of the Real Japan’. Originally published in the Age newspaper’s Travel supplement, 15 May 2004. Two years ago I visited Tokyo. I was in Japan to see my friend B—–, an English teacher in the northern port of Ishinomaki. We hadn’t […]

Questions for… Adam Elliot, Animator

Adam Elliot: photo by Heath Missen. by Simon Sellars ‘Questions for… Adam Elliot, Animator’. Originally published in A3, the Age newspaper, 3 Oct 2003. Adam Elliot is being hailed as Australia’s most successful short filmmaker. His 23-minute claymation, Harvie Krumpet, won three of the four major prizes at Annecy, the world’s largest animation festival, and […]