Nebula: Portable Art

Designed by Andrew Maynard Architects, Nebula is a mobile gallery and workspace allowing artists with disabilities to bring their work into the wider community. Simon Sellars talks to the architect about this portable project. Photography: Nic Granleese, Jorge de Araujo An abridged version of this interview appeared in Architectural Review Asia Pacific #125: Architecture and the Arts. The […]

‘Magisterial, precise, unsettling': Simon Reynolds on JG Ballard

“‘Magisterial, precise, unsettling': Simon Reynolds on JG Ballard”, originally published in 032c, no. 18, winter 2009/10, pp. 126-9. Simon Reynolds is one of the most recognizable music critics around. He possesses a willingness to tackle pop music as an art form worthy of intellectual discourse rather than a fleeting moment of adolescent flash. Reynolds breaks […]

‘Architectures of the Near Future': An Interview with Nic Clear

ABOVE: ‘London after the Rain’, by Ben Olszyna-Marzys. A film produced for Nic Clear’s Unit 15 course, ‘Crash: Architectures of the Near Future’. Originally published on, 24 December 2008. In recognition of the sophistication of Ballard’s architectural analysis, a raft of discourse has been produced in recent times from within both academic and pop-cultural […]

The Light-Painter of Mojave D: An Interview with Troy Paiva

ABOVE: ‘Joshua Says GO!’ by Troy Paiva. ‘A 30s twin-tail Lockheed Electra does the big sleep at Aviation Warehouse. Night, full moon, red-gelled strobe flash. Canon 20D.’ Originally published on, 6 June 2008. The photography of Troy Paiva treats us to canted visions of a crumbling, post-industrial America — decommissioned military bases, aircraft ‘boneyards’, […]

Housing Is A Human Right: An Interview with Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur

interview by Simon Sellars ‘Housing Is A Human Right: An Interview with Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #2, July 2007. In August 2006, the PILCH Homeless Person’s Legal Clinic held a consumer forum for people who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness. The idea was to invite this […]

The Politics of Enthusiasm: An Interview with Geoff Manaugh

by Simon Sellars Photo by Emiliano Granado. Used with permission. Originally published on, 7 November 2006. Geoff Manaugh is a writer and essayist whose work has appeared in Contemporary, Space & Culture, Blend, Lumpen, Inhabitat, WorldChanging, the Oyster Boy Review, the Urban Design Review, Subtopia, Vector, things magazine, and The Allen Ginsberg Audio Collection […]

Rattling Other People’s Cages: The J.G. Ballard Interview

Interview by Simon Sellars JG Ballard. Photo: Paul Murphy. Originally published on, 29 September 2006. In the year that this website’s been in operation, it seems to have had a momentum — a secret logic — all its own. Our interviews with such luminaries as Bruce Sterling, John Foxx, Mike Ryan and Iain Sinclair […]

A Whirlpool with Seductive Furniture: The John Foxx Interview

by Simon Sellars an image from John Foxx’s Cathedral Oceans project John Foxx, the former lead singer of Ultravox, is an undisputed electronic music pioneer. Before Midge Ure came along, the band’s three Foxx-driven albums, Ultravox! (1977), Ha! Ha! Ha! (1978) and Systems of Romance (1978), fused near-future melancholy with icy man-machine interfaces and the […]

Sweet Dreams: Shaken, Not Stirred

Paul in Sweet Dreams; photo by Alison Huth interview by Simon Sellars ‘Sweet Dreams: Shaken not Stirred’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #1, December 2005. Theatremakers Nadja Kostich and Jeremy Angerson began a rewarding collaboration with Big Issue vendors after seeing a TV ad featuring several sellers singing for their supper. According to Jeremy, […]

Sweet Dreams: Back to Waking Life

Kylie in Sweet Dreams; photo by Alison Huth interviews by Simon Sellars ‘Sweet Dreams: Back to Waking Life’ was originally published in Subterrain magazine #1, December 2005. The play Sweet Dreams took an unflinching look at the battle that Big Issue vendors Paul, Kylie, Jim, Robert and Allan fought to survive drug addiction, physical disabilities, […]