Welcome to Hollingsville: Foreword to Ken Hollings’ Bright Labyrinth

Ken Hollings hunting for non-people. Image via. This is an early draft of the foreword I wrote for Ken Hollings’ amazing book The Bright Labyrinth: Sex, Death and Design in the Digital Regime, published December 2014.¬†I¬†eventually discarded this draft as it took a bit too much artistic licence. It read more like a short story […]

Miracles of Life: foreword to the Greek edition

This is the foreword to the Greek edition of Ballard’s Miracles of Life, published by Oxy, November 2009. In 2006 I interviewed Jim Ballard. I was nervous at the thought of matching wits with this towering figure but my anxiety was quickly banished, for he was a charming and generous conversationalist. Although taxed from the […]